“Dear Sir,

My name is George Tarata and I am the President of the G.M.C. AVPS (Hunters and Anglers Association GMC HUNTER) from Romania. I graduated from the Faculty of Silviculture and Forest Engineering, Transilvania University of Brasov, developing ever since a passion for hunting (I am a nature lover).

Hunting is not just a passion for me; it also represents an object of knowledge because I want to help sustain the equilibrium, the natural environment.

Now, I administer 8 hunting funds, of about 100.000 ha hunting land, located in different key areas of Romania, that is:

- 3 hunting funds of a total of 40.000 ha, located in Braila county, Romania, that is in the area well known as “Insula Mare a Brailei” (Great Isle of Braila) and “Insula Mica a Brailei” (Small Isle of Braila). In this area, the wild fauna occupies a very diverse areal, starting with the Danube Delta and low everglade of the big rivers and Danube river. All these 3 funds are in the pre-Danube Delta, also known as the “Birds Paradise”, as the Great Isle of Braila and the Small Isle of Braila are at the half distance between Bulgaria and Hungary, right on the migration corridor of the birds;

- 5 hunting funds are located in Neamt County, an area with a diverse terrain and with a favourable area for developing species of hunting interest. Here, in the plain and hill areas, one can hunt: wild boar, stag, fallow deer, pheasant, hare, in the mountain area, one can hunt: deer, bear, blackcock, wolf, lynx, wild cat, and in the area of the alpine golf chamois can be found.

Romania has a great biodiversity and many untouched natural ecosystems. It holds the largest natural wooded area from Europe, and many migration corridors cross its territory. The fauna of hunting interest is flush, wild and a holder of special trophies, selected through competition by nature, natural predators and special life conditions.

Seeing that we have activated as a standalone association that has gathered experience in this field and developed a team of professional hunters, we would like to present you our own touristic packages that do not include third parties – tour operators, last year we had with the aid of our collaborators around 200 Italians that came for hunting, we have all the necessary gear and trained personnel that help us obtain a qualitative hunt, thus acting like a “whole” and offering you professional and COMPLEATE assistance and services, for ADVANTAGEOUS prices. “


President of Hunters and Anglers Association

 GMC HUNTER, from Romania

About us

The Hunting estate MARASU located in Braila Great Island of Braila, the plain.


Animals species

The male is called a boar, wild boar, gligan, boar or solitary female mistreata or sow.


Birds spicies

Gray partridge – is a bird of passage autohtona.A guest …


Contact us

Ogoarelor No. 1 Street, Roman, jud. Neamt, Romania. Phone/ Fax: 0233 744144.